Our students succeed here.

Ella T. Grasso Technical High School is a school of choice that provides an excellent educational opportunity for young people interested in a school that offers an integrated curriculum. Specifically, we combine a rigorous academic program with the technical skills needed for Connecticut’s future workforce and the challenges of a changing global economy. When our students graduate they may choose to enroll in higher education, enter apprenticeship programs leading toward occupational licenses, enhance their technical skills in the military or civil service or pursue an alternative career path.

At Grasso we offer specific training in 9 technologies from the traditional Auto-Collision Repair and Refinishing, Automotive Technology, Carpentry (not accepting new students), Culinary Arts, Electrical, Hairdressing and Plumbing, to the contemporary Drafting, Information Systems Technology, Hospitality and Bio-Environmental Technology. Our students also have employment opportunities through the Work-based Learning Program. In addition, college credit provisions are provided for students enrolled in our Tech-Prep program in partnership with the Community-Technical Colleges. We also offer our students advanced placement courses in English, history, science and art.


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