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Last Name: First Name GR
Whitfield Reis 9th
Nix Eric 12th
Hidalgo Reynaldo 11th
Gonzalez Fabricio 12th
Montalvo Adrian 10th
Phansri Kevin 12th
Báez Rodríguez Kevin 9th
Nanson Nolan 9th
Waselik Ryan 10th
Narcisse Tyrese 10th
Reale Aden 9th
Leitkowski Javon 11th
Rocket-Simmons Josiah 11th
Emilio Armijo 9th
Last Name: First Name GR
Fana Germoso Natalia 10th
Castillo Aybar Shayleen 11th
Germoso Steffi 9th
Mitchell Alayzha 11th
Holley Samantha 11th
Beebe Samantha 10th
Morrison Kylee 9th
Chacon Katherin 12th
Walker Juliana 12th

Levels: Varsity only grades 9-12

Game sites: Grasso Tech Campus or Bluff Point

Start times: 3:45 p.m.

Admissions info: Free

The boys’ and girls’ indoor track teams compete in the CT Technical Conference (CTC). They compete in meets each year a Wesleyan University and Floyd Little Athletic Center in New Haven.

Grasso Indoor Track Team 2020