Last Name First Name Grade Jersey #
Byrne  Sophie  12   
Guilmette  Mya  12   
Montes  Jamilette  12   
Bancroft  Kailee  11   
Holley  Samone  11   
Darden  Azarria  10   
Hernandez  Melanie  10   
Julius  Tarahzji  10   
Pavlak  Emma  10   
Sands  Serina  10   
Colon-Brito  Yira   

Levels: JV and Varsity grades 9-12

Game sites: Grasso Tech Gym

Start times: 4:30 p.m. for JV and 6:00 p.m. for Varsity

Admissions info: $4.00 for adults, $2.00 for students and senior citizens. Under 10 are admission is free.

The girls’ basketball team competes in the CT Technical Conference and continually strives for greatness. Each year the team sets goals that reflect a “Team First” winning attitude. Over the years the girls’ basketball team has won division championships, qualified and advanced in the state tournament, and every year develops players into All-Conference-caliber athletes.