Name Grade
Chioccola, Adam  12 
Genao, Jeanberto  12 
Huacho, Jason  12 
Morrison, Charles  12 
Blewitt, Nolan  11 
Brown, Rome  11 
Cormier, Bodie  11 
Davis, Richard A  11 
Haviland, Zach  11 
Iglesias, Luca  11 
Martin, Sebastian  11 
Parsons, Richard  11 
Rode, Lucas  11 
Santiago, Alexander  11 
Veliz, Alejandro  11 
Bulted jr, Juan  10 
Canty, Sebastian  10 
Cohoon, Justin  10 
de la Cruz, Alex  10 
Dudley, William  10 
Garcia, Andy 10
Prosdocimo, Christopher  10 
Reale, Aden  10 
Rios, Aaron  10 
Whitfield, Reis  10 
Dion, Ethan 
Galvis Hamann, Samuel 
Mack, Quinnell 
Mangan, Damir 
Olokodana, Emmanuel 
Rivera, Jayden 

Levels: Varsity only grades 9-12

Game sites: Grasso Tech Soccer Field

Start times: 3:45 p.m.

Admissions info: Free

The boys’ soccer team competes in the CT Technical Conference (CTC) East and strives each year to make the state tournament. Our opponents include Norwich Tech, Ellis Tech and Windham Tech, to name a few. Our boys’ soccer team is made up of student athletes that are at varying degrees of skill and experience. Due to the fact that we only have a varsity team, a starting position is gained through hard work in our daily practices and in-game performance. We have had players in the past make it to All-Conference teams, which are comprised of the best players from our entire conference. Come try out for what is regarded as one of the most popular sports in the world!

Grasso Boys Soccer 2020 team photo