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2022 CIAC Schedule and Results
Grasso Track Team 2021

2022 Roster

Last Name First Name Grade
Ambroise Ian 9
Armijo Emilio 9
Bouchard Adrian 9
Landeck John 9
Nanson Nolan 9
Santiago  Josue 9
Thompson Amais 9
Ward-York Jadyn 9
Alford Justin 10
Baldi Andrew 10
Montalvo Adrian 10
Paulino Familia Kelvin 10
Porter Ramel  10
Stavesky Nick 10
Thomas Maxwell 10
Veliz Alejandro 10
Waselik Ryan 10
Rocket-Simmons Josiah 11
Chaljub Sebastian 12
Moreau Matthew 12
Phansri Kevin 12
Yering Jordan 12
Yering Thomas 12

Levels: Varsity only grades 9-12

Game sites: All meets held at away venues

Start times: 3:45 p.m.

Admissions info: Free

The boys outdoor track team competes in the CT Technical Conference (CTC). They compete in meets at various locations throughout the state.

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