Connecticut Technical Education and Career System's Art course breakdown by grade.


10th Grade:

  • Elements and Principles of Art

11th Grade:

  • Elements and Principles of Art

  • ​2D Design

  • 3D Design

12th Grade:

  • 2D Design

  • 3D Design


Students at Grasso Tech are fortunate to be able to explore their personal creativity, strengthen visual literacy and innovation skills in the arts. Art classes are open to all students. They are ½ credit classes scheduled into a student’s academic cycle.

We love to recognize students for their artwork! Each year one student is chosen from our school to receive the Connecticut Association of Schools’ Outstanding Art Student Award. Student artwork is also displayed in the school, on the school website, and at local galleries. Students participate in art shows such as the CTHSS District Annual Art Show and local shows such as Mystic Museum of Art “Young at Art” show.

I am available afterschool for students who wish personalize their learning experience through building portfolios. For more information about the Grasso Tech Visual Arts program and examples of student work, see the following links:

Teacher website (with personalized description of courses offered and photos of student work)

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Elements and Principles of Art I and II (FA613, FA614)
Students will have an opportunity to create and respond to visual arts, focusing on drawing, design, color, painting and sculpture. This course will introduce students to a variety of techniques and mediums that they will apply while creating a portfolio of original artwork.