Connecticut Technical Education and Career System's Elective course breakdown by program.


2-D Design I (FA610, FA611)
3-D Design I (FA621, FA622)
Elements & Principles of Art (FA614)

Computer Applications

Computer Applications I (TC619)
Computer Applications II (TC620)
Computer Applications III (TC625)
Computer Applications IV (TC626)

English/Language Arts

Creative Writing (EN636, EN637)
Contemporary Lit of Our Lifetime (EN452, EN453)
English I (EN110)
English II (EN210)
English III (EN310)
Language Arts Literacy Lab (EN1001-1012)
Mythology, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature (EN454)


Advanced Algebra (MA312)
Foundations of Math (MA651, MA660, MA670)
Honors Pre Calculus (MA313)
Math Grade 9-11 (MA691, MA692, MA693)
Math Applications (MA620)
Statistics (MA612)
Trigonometry (MA611)


Band (MU600-MU611)
Band Sectional Rehearsal (MU672)
Chorus (MU616-MU627)
Music Appreciation (MU664-MU666)
Piano/Keyboard I and II (MU680-MU683)

Physical Education

Advanced Fitness and Wellness (PE610-PE612)
Body Sculpting (PE620)
Fun, Food and Fitness (PE640, PE641)
Lifetime Activities (PE650, PE651)
Strength and Conditioning (PE630)


Biology (SC635, SC636)
Chemistry (SC610)
Chem in the Community (SC663)
Forensics (SC620)
General Science (SC115)
Physics (SC625, SC626)

Social Studies

Civics/American Government (SS210, SS211)
Contemporary Issues (SS620)
Global Studies (SS110)
Law (SS610)
Modern US History (SS310, SS311)

Student Development

Academic Access (SD500)
Finance For Life (TC621)

UCONN Early College Experience Program Courses

Environmental Science (SC659)
General Physics (SC655)
Seminar in Academic Writing (EN608)
Seminar in American Studies (SS716)